Lifetime angler, aspiring writer/photographer, full-time Orange County, CA husband, Dad, and general purpose creative dude who abides. Hook Ideas is the home of miscellaneous angling tidbits, and all things fishy and fun! Fishing reports, observations, gear reviews, and stream of consciousness rants with fish and fishing being the thread that binds.

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  1. Susan Olsen says:

    Hi There, I was just searching the web and u came up. Just a quick Hello. We are a kids fishing club here in Florida. Always reaching out to learn more things, Check us out and any comments or ideas are greatly appreciated. We just file as a Non-Profit and are so excited to get rolling. I am the President Susan Olsen of Kids Hooked On Fishing. Our goals are to keep our kids and families together and keep them off the streets. We teach the basics of saltwater fishing. Enjoying every moment. We usually fish at the Sebastian Inlet, catching lots of Red Fish, Snook, SHARKS, Snapper, Dolphin etc. Lets Keep Kids Hooked On Fishing. 🙂

    • Hook Ideas says:

      Hi Susan,

      Thanks for stopping by. I have always dreamed of fishing Florida. I appreciate the work you’re doing. I am a former aquatics director for a Boy Scout day camp, and I was lucky to get to teach 100’s of kids to fish. Too many fish lifetime fish to recount. Good stuff. Maybe some day I can time a Florida trip to help out with your work, although I’m unfamiliar with the terrain, so it’d likely I’ll need some coaching. Tight lines to you and all!

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