Feeling a Bit Winded

Posted: May 29, 2011 in Fishing Report
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At long last, the day had arrived. After much cajoling, Mr. Dan Hernandez and Joe “Salty” of SoCalSalty.com agreed to be seen fishing with me again. Best of all, Dan offered to guide Joe and me on his boat the 31′ Chris-Craft, Mi Sueno II. Loaded up with the heavy trolling gear and our wire leaders, we were heading out for a shark-fest from his home port of Alamitos Bay.  Salty turned up early, which was a good thing as the tide was rising quickly. Dan’s boat was getting close to being stuck behind the Apian Way bridge. His boat needs 15′ or so to make it under the bridge, so we shoved off just in time to clear the bridge with a couple of feet so spare.

My fishing pals for the day, Salty and Dan

Our first stop was gas, but we showed up before they were serving the precious petrol, so we killed a half-hour plunking plastics and found a couple of fish, including a toad Barred Sand Bass ready its moment of CPR (catch, photograph & release) fame.

Gas Dock Toad Sandie

It was already blowing a fair bit, but despite the dark skies, our spirits were good and things looked promising for our sharking trip. As we were topping of the tank, we took note of the Coast Guard station hoisting the gale warning flags. The weather was scheduled to go south by Noon, so we knew we’d have to hustle to find fish before things got dicey.

Another Quality Sand Bass

Keychain size Sculpin

A bad sign

Long story short, we got blown off the water without much to show for it. Big surprise, right? The meager highlights of the day included some pretty fantastic bird action, and strong marks on the meter, which had us envisioning T-sharks on the troll. The truth is that 5 fish were brought to the camera.

There were a couple of lessons in this day for me, and no, I didn’t learn to avoid fishing during a gale warning. You see, I’m a dedicated (addicted?) fisherman, so I fish when I have time, no matter what the weather, or likelihood of success.

What I learned was this:  1) The first bait in the water gets bit first. More often than not, the first bait was my bait, which didn’t bode well for Joe and Dan, as the fish were just not cooperative.

The other lesson was:  2) Have faith in your ability and baits that have worked in the past. I was able to dredge up fish using techniques that I have picked up over the years. When the conditions get tough, go back to basics and the day can be salvaged.

Last minute Spottie

One proven bait - This worked in Newport too.

AAT curly tail grub, on an Owner darter jig

Another proven winner on the bay bass.

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  1. ZachYak says:

    Sucks the sharks didn’t cooperate burin sure those bass were still a blast!

  2. Hook Ideas says:

    The bass were fun Zach. It was funny how the first cast got the fish, so at each spot we were sure “this one” would be the one to bust wide open. As it turned out, the first cast caught the ONLY fish in each spot. On the radio we listened to guys catch up to 6 keeper halibut in the same general area we were fishing. We actually watched one boat land fish after fish, while we got nothing. After the trip, we heard of two more keeper halibut caught INSIDE the harbor… Go figure.

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