You can’t catch fish without bait

Posted: May 11, 2011 in Uncategorized

Inspired by a chance meeting of another blogger ( on a recent cattle boat trip I’m dreaming of clever posts, informative updates, slippery photos, raving commentators, and more than a little humor, my way. As my buddy Joe M. is fond of saying, “The first rule of fishing club is: You can’t catch fish without any bait.” Well, to that end, I’ve sharpened my hooks, spooled the reel, and the bait is now officially in the water. This angler is ready to get bent and find out what, or who, is biting. Stay tuned to see what I’ve reeled in.

  1. socalsalty says:

    Dude, you sent me 2 clicks today. Thanks! Congrats on setting up the blog. Funny though, I’m guessing we may be writing about the same thing a lot 😉

    Tight lines buddy!

  2. Hook Ideas says:

    Glad to do it. Thanks for the inspiration. As for cross-over of content, I’ll do my best to keep mine off-beat and unique.

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